Think Before You Scare!

There have been some scary things reported on the internet recently. I’m sure you’ll have heard about some of them. Did you know most people don’t see the actual scary thing they are talking about, they just see the media reports about it? This can cause a hype and interest that doesn’t need to happen and means more people see it than need to, especially our young children.

We won’t always share information with you about specific online safety scares because we don’t want to make the problem worst and alert our children to something they would otherwise be unaware of. Please continue to share your concerns with us and we will speak to the children appropriately and in general about what to do if they see anything scary online. We will continue to advise you to ALWAYS speak to your child/ren about what they do online. This is the best way to keep them safe. 

You can find out more about Think Before you Scare on this SWGfL post about Online Safety Alerts.  

Don’t forget you can share concerns with your child’s class teacher, by using the online safety email address below to contact the in school Online Safety Team or report it directly to CEOP 

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