News: Online Safety Watchdog Proposed

Have you seen the news that the Government is proposing a new Online Safety Watchdog to help keep children and young people safe online? 

What does the Government want to do?

  • establish an independent regulator to check what is being allowed on social media and online sites.
  • allow the independent regulator to fine anyone who does not follow the guidelines.
  • consider further fines and consequences such as blocking for anyone found to be not following the guidelines.

The ‘online harms’ the government wants to protect people from cover a range of issues. Some of them are defined in law, such as:

  •  spreading terrorist content,
  • child sex abuse,
  • so-called revenge pornography,
  • hate crimes, harassment
  • and the sale of illegal goods.

Some of them have a less clear legal definition, such as:

  • cyber-bullying,
  • trolling
  • and the spread of fake news and disinformation.

The Government has published a White Paper called Online Harms White Paper. You can read it and respond online by following this link.

This information has been taken from the BBC article published April 8th 2019. It can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

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