Acceptable Use Policies

All the children in school have been talking about Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) in their lessons. We have different AUPs for the different year groups. Foundation Stage and Key Stage One have their own and then there are two more as the children progress through Key Stage Two. This is to reflect the growing knowledge and safety demands on the children. All staff in school also have to sign their own AUP which says they agree to use the internet safely and professionally both in and out of school.

The AUPs are part of the school eSafety Policy and can be found in the Appendices. The children will refer to the different things that they talk about when signing their AUPs during their lessons which include eSafety throughout the school year.

Pearl Class in Year 2 have been talking about their AUP and what they need to remember to do when they use the computers in school and at home. They’ve all signed to say they agree to use the computers and internet safely.

‘We only go on the Internet after we have asked an adult.’ Ebony D
‘If there is a problem, I can ask a teacher or a grown up to help me.’ Leon S
If something has gone wrong, we can press on Hector and ask an adult for help.’ Harrison M
Ask your child if they’ve signed their AUP recently or if they can remember the ways they’ve talked about staying safe on computers and the internet. Don’t forget they can access the internet from lots of different devices not just a computer.

New Devices for Christmas

We’re you or your child lucky enough to have received new devices for Christmas?  

Are you making sure you’re using the new devices safely?

Use these guides from the UK Safer Internet Centre to make sure you and your family are safe with your new devices.

iPad                        Kindle Fire HD                   iPod Touch

iPhone                  Playstation 3/ PSP             PS4/ PS Vita

XBox 360/ XBox One/ XBox Live                   Nintendo

Don’t forget to set up Parental Controls on any new devices that you have in your home to ensure they are used safely.

Please remember children should not bring any of these devices to school. If they need to bring a mobile phone for use after school then it should be handed in and will be returned at home time. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you’re unsure or need more information.

Don’t forget as well to dispose of any old devices safely making sure your data can’t be used or taken.

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